Dedicating a team to strategically deploy manpower increases the chances of timely completion of projects. Better yet, having a team mentor that the staff engage with in trainings where they acquire knowledge of different trades, increases skills to a level where they can be cross utilised within the projects with less mobilisation demobilisation activities. An experienced team can develop a high volume of workers. Al Fursan Recruitment has this proven expertise in meeting clients’ needs on time. We see downtime as an opportunity to develop skills, and use this time to train the workers.

Our dedicated team addresses the concerns of staff with prompt administration services. This sustains manpower retention and ensures staff are available on every project site.

Our training facility’s main objective is to enhance each worker’s level of skills. Once an employee has developed his performance in one trade, he will advance to the next level of related trade. Thus in a project, one worker can be cross utilised which considerably reduces the cost towards recruitment, administration, accommodation and visa expenses. The facility is be set up to accommodate five hundred staff being trained per day in a variety of areas such as:


  1. Carpentry works
  2. Steel / Rebar Works
  3. Masonry Works
  4. Scaffolding Works
  5. Painting Works


Furthermore, Al Fursan is able to offer Courses onsite with our clients in areas such as:


  1. First Aid
  2. H2S
  3. Fire Safety
  4. Defensive driving
  5. Construction Safety
  6. Food Safety


Al Fursan is also proud to offer remote training and testing of staff for IETLS & TOEFL, including:


  1. Professional Business Communication
  2. Technical Writing
  3. Technical Report Writing
  4. Writing Skills for Administration
  5. Language of Meetings
  6. Minutes of Meetings
  7. Speaking with Confidence
  8. Talking & Writing about Facts & Figures
  9. Language of Presentations.



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